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Alicia was spotted arriving into LAX Airport from a Mexico City flight on March 11, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. We added 10 high quality photos to the Gallery, she looks gorgeous! Check them all out (;

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Alicia attended the Tomb Raider Mexico City Premiere at Cinépolis Oasis Coyoacán on March 10, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. We added the 120+ photos to the Gallery, she looks absolutely breathtaking!

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In the luxury apartment of a West End hotel, the Oscar-winning actor Alicia Vikander is not quite feeling herself. ‘This makes me feel very small and a bit overwhelmed,’ she says, nodding towards the spacious sitting room furnished with embroidered sofas and hand-painted armoires. ‘This is really not who I am.

Dressed in black leggings and an oversized navy cable-knit sweater, Vikander does look rather small. She opts to sit on a stiff dining chair, pulling it up close to the table. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, there is no make-up on her face and, at 29, she has the serious, youthful air of an international student.

People think of me as this art-house girl. But when I was a little girl in Sweden the films I loved were all those amazing action movies – Indiana Jones and The Mummy. The idea that I was being asked to do this movie…’ She pauses and shakes her head. ‘I am an actress from a tiny country where even just to think you can be in a movie seems like a dream, and then to be in a movie that you dreamt about as a kid just seemed completely surreal. So if I was going to do this, I was going to do it the very, very best I could. I was going to give everything. Everyone remembers Angelina Jolie [who played the character in the noughties], but I wanted to make Lara Croft my own. CONTINUE READING

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We added new gorgeous photos from the photoshoot Alicia did with photographer Carter Smith for the Tomb Raider Press Tour. You can check them all out in our Gallery and stay tuned cause more will be added soon!

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Alicia attended the Tomb Raider Stockholm Photocall today on March 8, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. We added 34 photos to the Gallery! We also added photos from 2 portrait sessions she did while there so check everything out!

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As you already know Alicia is gracing the March 2018 Cover of Hunger Magazine. We added new high quality photos from the photoshoot taken by Rankin to the Gallery! She looks beautiful! Hopefully more photos will be released soon. The magazine hits newsstands today! You can also read an excerpt from her interview below:

“I’ve been really lucky,” Vikander told Hunger. “My first three films were all directed by a female director. I’ve had some really cool women to look up to. I think the sisterhood really creates a mentoring environment. Change is about initiatives like Time’s Up and 50/50 by 2020, it’s about making sure you include women in all departments, about really making an effort to not only have women in front of the camera, but also behind.”

The 29-year-old Swedish actress added that “awareness has spread and suddenly it’s become more natural to tell all the diverse stories that are out there, we’re not just, without thinking, choosing the ones that have been told repeatedly before. That’s what art is for: It’s about sharing and letting all stories come to the surface.”

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